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this is a new blog for 2009. Its creation was motivated by a discussion I had with a colleague last week. He was helping me figure out why I was unable to link my main program to a library I had just created. And as he rattled off a series of things to try, I asked how he'd learned all this, since I've never seen a book discussing this particular topic. He answered that he'd just picked up these tips over time, and he's written them all down with the idea of writing a book when he has the free time. We both laughed at the concept of his having any free time with four kids at home and his being the lead on his project.

So this blog is intended to be my attempt at something like that book that he'll never write. Its goal is to discuss topics related to computationally intensive computing, parallel programming, numerical algorithms, computer hardware, work flow tips, and visualization.

I'm hoping along the way to get contributions from others. We'll see what happens.

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